Title Date Description
PhD proposal 20 April, 2022 14:05

PhD proposal: Multi-scale characterization of seamount biodiversity in the Coral Sea Natural Park (New Caledonia)

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Outcomes of the Annual Meetings of Officials of the PNA 15 April, 2022 09:53

The annual meetings of Officials of the Parties to the Nauru Agreement, held virtually for a week in March, ended with the Chief Executive Officer of the PNA Office, Dr. Sangaalofa Clark, reporting that the Officials had found 2021 another generally successful year for the PNA.

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World Tuna Day Art & Talent Quest 2022 1 March, 2022 16:07

PNA invites you to participate in the World Tuna Day with World Tuna Day Art & Talent Quest 2022
Theme: ‘Our Tuna, Our Heritage’
Using art, music, dance, writing, video, PNA invites you to share your vision of this year’s theme: “Our Tuna, Our Heritage” as the world gets ready to celebrate World Tuna Day, May 2, 2022. 

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Outcomes of the 18th Session of the WCPFC 13 December, 2021 11:59

The Chief Executive Officer of the Parties to the Nauru Agreement Office, Dr. Sangaa Clark, expressed satisfaction with the overall outcomes of the 18th meeting of the Western and Central Pacific Fisheries Commission.  She noted the importance of the decision to adopt a revised Tropical Tuna measure that would be in place for two years.  This is the Commission’s flagship measure.  The measure had performed well in the previous three years.

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New CEO Dr. Sangaalofa Clark takes up Post in Majuro, Marshall Islands 29 September, 2021 15:46

Dr. Sangaa Clark took up her Post as the new Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Parties to the Nauru Agreement (PNA) Office in Majuro, Marshall Islands earlier this month. She is pictured here with the outgoing CEO Mr. Ludwig Kumoru who has been the CEO of PNA Office since 2016. 

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World Tuna Day Video Competition 22 April, 2021 14:19

The Winners of the PNA World Tuna Day Video Clip competition are as per below;

Fist Place: Merry Christie

Second Place: Damida Alez

Third Place: Sammy Johnny Pedro

Congratulations to all!!

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COVID-19 had little impact on PNA's tuna purse seine-fishery output 4 January, 2021 08:45

The Parties to the Nauru Agreement (PNA) purse-seine fishery and supply chain largely avoided COVID-related disruptions and had a positive 2020, according to a report given during a government meeting of the eight nations that make up the sub-grouping on 11 December.

The report indicates that fishing effort in the purse-seine fishery has remained high in 2020, with no significant COVID-related downturn.

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PNA Office has a new CEO 24 November, 2020 18:52

Ministers are pleased to announce the appointment of Dr. Sangaalofa Clark, as the new PNA Office Chief Executive Officer. The PNA Ministerial Chair, the Hon Sandy Alfred, Minister of Natural Resources, Commerce and Development, Republic of Marshal Islands said: “We are thrilled to be able to appoint such a high-quality person with Dr. Clark’s reputation and experience. Dr. Clark is a Kiribati national who has built a career in the management of tuna fisheries. For the last decade, Dr. Clark has led the PNA Office’s policy.
Dr. Clark responded by saying: “I am deeply honoured to be appointed into this new position. I acknowledge the great work of the CEOs before me and thank the outgoing CEO, Ludwig, for all the great work he has done.

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COVID-19 Operating Protocols for the Fishing Sector in the Pacific 2 September, 2020 20:37

The following protocols have been developed to assist and guide the fishing sector, flag States, coastal and island State governments manage the health and economic impacts of COVID-19 on the fishing industry in the Pacific islands region. These protocols seek to guide practices that prevent the transmission of COVID-19 on and between fishing vessels and at port, and offer protection for both the ships’ crew and local populations at port.

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The actions of a desperate Man – an attack on the Pacific Island Nations 6 July, 2020 15:21

The global tuna trade is a multi-billion dollar sector and the small PNA island nations whose waters deliver half the globally supply of skipjack tuna for canning have been constantly attacked because of the commercial interests of 1 person. He is sponsoring the opposition against the development aspirations of our islands, for his personal gain.

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