Key trends:

  • Preliminary figures indicate that overall purse seine fishing effort broadly maintained at the June level while fishing intensity (fishing days/calendar day) declined by 3%. Note that monthly figures get adjusted as NFDs are processed.
  • Total purse seine catch (EEZs+HS) declined in July by 29%. Effort and catch continued to concentrate in the east, largely in KI EEZ and eastern HS. KI EEZ accounted for 55% of total effort and 51% of total catch and eastern HS 17% and 28% respectively.
  • Based on preliminary figures, fishing conditions deteriorated in July with overall catch rate at 22t, down 29% on June and 24% against July ’22. Deteriorations occurred across all EEZs while in the HS the catch rate improved, 39% to 36t, the highest during the month while catch rates in NR, KI and PG EEZs were at between 20t-30t and in other EEZs considerably lower.
  • Reported total transhipped volume was down 8% in July as the volume transhipped in KI and PG dropped or steadied respectively that more than offset the increases in FM and MH ports. Note that transhipment volumes are not available for all vessels.                 
  • Bangkok SKJ prices in July declined to $1,900 from $2,000/mt that prevailed in the preceding three months, according to Thai Union figures. This is despite supply issues affected also by the 3-month FAD closure as of 1st July as contract orders for canners reportedly has been limited. The Singapore MGO price increased 13% to an average $793/mt and the differential between the prices has began narrowing.
  • More pronounced El Nino conditions prevailed in the May-July period with sea surface temperatures averaging +0.8oC relative to long-term average, compared to the +0.5oC during the Apr-Jun period. El Nino conditions are forecast to persist in the remaining months of 2023 and into early 2024 with 95% chance for the most part.

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