Key trends:

  • Preliminary figures indicate that overall purse seine fishing effort rose in November, with fishing intensity (fishing days/calendar day) increasing to the highest level in 2022. Note that November figures may be adjusted as NFDs are processed.

  • Total purse seine catch (EEZs+HS) fell slightly in November, down by around 3% on the October catch. Catch and effort remained concentrated in the west, with PNG and FSM collectively accounting for around 69% of total catch. Preliminary data indicates that effort is high in PNG in December.

  • Based on preliminary figures, overall catch rates fell slightly in November. Highest catch rates were in PNG and FSM.

  • Reported transhipment volumes remained relatively stable in November, down by around 2% on the October figures. Reported volumes were highest in PNG and FSM. Note that transhipment volumes are not available for all vessels.

  • Bangkok SKJ prices averaged $1,700 in November, up from $1,580 in October, according to Thai Union figures. Singapore MGO price remained stable, averaging $1,042/mt in October. The differential between BKK SKJ price and Singapore MGO price rose, but remained below the 10-year average.

  • Amongst PNA Parties, all countries (except Tokelau) have now experienced major COVID community transmission events at some stage during the pandemic, although new daily case numbers are now low in each country. Amongst key SE Asian processing countries, case numbers are low levels relative to population size.

Find attached the covid19 detailed and updated reports;

COVID19 Update