The global tuna trade is a multi-billion dollar sector and the small PNA island nations whose waters deliver half the globally supply of skipjack tuna for canning have been constantly attacked because of the commercial interests of 1 person. He is sponsoring the opposition against the development aspirations of our islands, for his personal gain.

Join the Pacifical commercial & market development team as an intern for 3 months and obtain first-hand knowledge on the global tuna industry and its markets. The internship will be at the Pacifical office in The Netherlands. The selected candidate will witness directly the impact that the Pacific region’s sustainable tuna management and the MSC certification have in the global marketplace.  

Pacifical will fund all travel expenses, lodging and a monthly allowance for the duration of the internship.

Brief Description:

FIMS Inc is seeking to recruit a Chief Executive Officer to progress the objectives of the FIMS Inc Business Plan and review, develop and expand current business practices and processes to ensure the continuation of FIMS world class standing.
Reporting to the Chair of the FIMS Inc Board, the CEO will be responsible for providing high level strategic leadership, planning, and operational management of both FIMS Inc, its contractors and the Fisheries Information Management Systems.


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The 2nd of May is here again marking World Tuna Day, a day of celebrations for Tuna throughout the world!

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