Monthly Updates

  • Based on preliminary figures for April (and revised data for recent months), overall purse seine fishing effort declined as did fishing intensity (fishing days/calendar day) and with overall catch rate broadly steady, total catch declined as fleet concentration was heaviest towards the west against weakening El Nino conditions and imminent developing ENSO-neutral conditions.
  • Effort distribution across zones showed heaviest concentration in the far west with FM accounting for the highest proportion and combined with PG and SB accounted for 65% of total, slightly up from 64% in Mar. Overall fishing intensity declined despite increases in FM along with those in KI, MH, NR and PW as these were more than offset by the declines in all other zones.
  • Consistent with effort distribution during the month, purse seine catches in the far west outperformed catches in other zones. FM accounted for the largest portion of catch and combined with PG and SB accounted for 74% of total, up from 64% the previous month. Overall catch declined 7% driven mainly by the declines in YFT catches.
  • Overall catch rate rose only 2% with rates in FM, KI and NR showing the only improvements during the month. By species, the moderate rise in SKJ catch rate was largely moderated by the declines in catch rates for both small and large YFT.  
  • Reported total transhipped volume rose 22% to a record level, largely from increased transhipped volume at PG ports and to a lesser extent at FM and TV. PG and FM ports accounted for 77% of total transhipped volume.
  • Bangkok SKJ prices in Apr as reported by Thai Union rose to $1,350/mt from Mar. The Singapore MGO price edged down to an average $777/mt and the differential between the prices rose by 13%.
  • Weakening El Nino conditions is shown in the Feb-Apr SST index reducing to +1.1 degrees Celsius from +1.5 degrees Celsius. The latest weekly data shows a range of +0.5 degrees Celsius – + 0.8 degrees Celsius SSTs departures across most of the Pacific and NOAA forecasts ENSO-neutral conditions by Jun.
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