Executive Officer

The Parties to the Nauru Agreement Office (PNAO) is seeking to hire an Executive Officer to provide technical and logistical support for the Chief Executive Officer and the Parties, and take a lead role in oversight of the PNAO governance framework, including:

  1. Ensure the PNA Governance framework is implemented.
  2. Support the development, review, update and monitoring of the PNA Strategic Plan, the PNAO Business Plan, the PNAO Annual Work Program, the Budget and the Annual Report.
  3. Coordinate preparation and support for PNA meetings, workshops and consultations.
  4. Support the development and implementation of PNA Office funding policies and programmes.
  5. Oversee PNAO human resources policy and professional recruitment activities.
  6. Oversee the planned integration of the operations of FIMS (Inc) and POA with the Office.
  7. Oversee the development of the technical capacities of the Office.
  8. Oversee PNAO consultancy contracts.
  9. Supervise PNAO capacity building activities, including scholarships and internships.
  10. Maintain good relationships with other Pacific regional programmes.
  11. Represent the PNAO at regional and international forums.
  12. Undertake special projects and activities as required from time to time.
  13. Provide day to day strategic and technical advice to the Parties, CEO, PNAO staff, customers, and other stakeholders.
  14. Build relationships with industry and fishing nations to ensure effective implementation of PNA programmes and policies.
  15. Oversee the development and implementation of the IT strategic plan, the facilities manual for the PNAO office, the emergency and disaster recovery plan, and occupational health and safety plan.

Essential Requirements
•    Relevant fisheries or business-related degree.
•    Relevant post graduate qualification (desirable).
•    Experience at a senior level in fisheries programme management.
•    Working knowledge of governance frameworks of regional fisheries programmes.
•    Good understanding of organization management and governance issues in an agency relevant to, and facing similar organizational challenges to, the PNAO.
•    Team building. Ensuring the high performing people in the PNAO work cohesively to meet the needs of the Parties.
•    Organizes own time effectively and creates own work schedules. Has an enthusiasm for planning mechanisms that clarify responsibilities and uplift performance without being burdensome.
•    Gathering relevant information and identifying key issues, relating and comparing data from different sources, identifying cause and effect relationships.
•    Convincing others, gaining acceptance of ideas by using appropriate interpersonal styles.
•    Proactively developing and maintaining effective internal and external relationships to facilitate the achievement of work goals.
•    Demonstrates a readiness to make decisions, take initiative and originate actions making firm and timely judgements based on factual information and reasonable assumptions. Willing to commit to a definite course of action and can support or defend their decisions with confidence.
•    Capable of thinking broadly around many issues. Knowledge about a wide range of issues across the fisheries sector.

Key selection criteria
The position is open to anyone, but preference is given to PNA nationals.
Application Procedure
To apply, please submit a letter of interest to the CEO, a brief CV and 2 reference letters to pnatuna@pnatuna.com
Closing date
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