The 2nd of May is here again marking World Tuna Day, a day of celebrations for Tuna throughout the world! This year at the PNA Office (PNAO) we join in the celebration and recognition of the importance of Tuna to the world and our PNA countries.

It is essential to recognize that the period of COVID-19 has proven difficult for everyone and this has been the case with certain tuna activities in PNA countries: the longline activity has decreased and the placement of PNA observers on purse seine vessels has remained suspended throughout 2021.

The purse seine fishery for PNA, however, has continued to thrive and 2021 has been a successful year with purse seine fishing effort in PNA EEZs the highest since 2017. One contributing factor, in particular, is the rise in purchase of canned tuna during the pandemic. The PNAO is hopeful that the year 2022 will prove to be another generally successful Tuna Year.

To celebrate World Tuna Day, as has been the practice since the first Tuna Day in 2011, the PNAO held its World Tuna Day competition. Entries were invited from PNA artists, musicians, writers and poets to share their vision of this year’s theme: “Our Tuna, Our Heritage”.

It has been an honour and a pleasure to receive the submissions from countries around the PNA region this year. The level of talent received, the quality of the work and the pride expressed by the contestants for their tuna heritage is humbling; it has been amazing also to see the awareness for the need to maintain the sustainability of the tuna resources!

We thank and congratulate all the contributors to this year’s World Tuna Day competition for their valuable and amazing work, and especially the winners- congratulations and well done!

And to all of you out there, please join us in celebrating “Our Tuna, Our Heritage” on this “World Tuna Day, 2022”

These are our winners for this year:

1st Prize:

2nd Prizes

  • Casper Hairiu - Art
  • Elextor Jnr - Music

3rd Prizes:

  • Emmanuel Manu Wainini  - Art
  • Christopher Usuka - Poetry