PNA manage the largest and healthiest tuna stocks in the world. PNA tuna fisheries provide about a third of the world's tuna products, including more than half of the tuna for canning. And all four of the major tuna stocks taken in PNA waters are scientifically assessed as healthy and being sustainably fished, largely as a result of how those stocks are managed by the PNA and other Pacific Island countries.

As we gear up for World Tuna Day on May 2, 2024, the PNA Office (PNAO) extends an invitation for you to express your creative talents. This year’s theme, "Our Tuna, Our Legacy” seeks artistic, literary, musical, and video, interpretations.


  1. Visual Arts: Submit your visual arts creations that resonate with the World Tuna Day theme of 2024, to the National Fisheries Offices in your country. The PNA Office may consider acquiring non-winning pieces at a nominal price; otherwise, non-winning artists can reclaim their work.

    • Prizes:

      • First prize: $500 (USD)

      • Second prize: $300 (USD)

      • Third prize: $200 (USD)

  2. Music and Video Production or Documentaries

    • ​Prizes:​​​​​​

      • First prize: $1,000 (USD)

      • Second prize: $500 (USD)

      • Third prize: $300 (USD)

  3. Literature: Employ short fiction, poetry, or essays to delve into this year's theme. "Our Tuna, Our Legacy"

    • Prizes:

      • First prize: $500 (USD)

      • Second prize: $250 (USD)

Winning works will grace the PNA Website and our social media outlets.

Judging Criteria:

  • Alignment with the theme "Our Tuna, Our Legacy".

  • Originality and creativity in theme interpretation.

Competition Guidelines:

  • Open to artists from PNA+-member nations: Federated States of Micronesia, Kiribati, Marshall Islands, Nauru, Palau, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, Tuvalu, and Tokelau.

  • Each entry must be an original creation.

  • Music videos and songs should not be over 5 minutes.

  • Literary submissions must be under 1000 words.

  • Videos should be uploaded to the entrant's Facebook page, tagging @pnatuna, with the hashtag #worldtunaday2024.

  • After posting, send a message to our PNATUNA Facebook or email with your contact information.

  • Art submissions should be sent by April 30, 2024, via email.

  • Artworks should not have received prior awards.

  • Entries must be original and free from copyright infringement.

  • Proof of originality may be requested by the PNAO.

  • Participation implies consent to grant PNAO a license to reproduce your work.

Entering the Contest: Participation in this contest is a meaningful way to promote the enduring legacy and significance of tuna within the PNA region, emphasizing its crucial role in our culture and sustenance. 

About World Tuna Day: Initiated in 2011 by the PNA, World Tuna Day underscores the significance of tuna to our daily lives. In 2016, World Tuna Day gained international recognition by the United Nations, reinforcing its relevance to sustainable development goals.

Tuna, a migratory species, connects us and has been an essential protein source. Engaging in this contest underlines your support for the sustainability of our marine ecosystem and the careful management of tuna stocks. World Tuna Day offers a moment to reflect on and commit to ethical fishing practices for the future. We are eager to witness your contributions!