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While enjoying the benefits of the current surge in fisheries revenue, PNA member countries need to prepare for future downturns in revenue to avoid shocks to government finances and services... more

Pohnpei, FSM 13 June 2015: A series of decisions made by ministers from the eight members of the Parties to the Nauru Agreement (PNA) will guide management and development of the western and... more

Pohnpei (Palikir), FSM 12 June 2015: Another global first yesterday for the Parties to Nauru Agreement (PNA) when they passed an initiative to trial a charge of US$1,000 on each... more

Pohnpei, FSM 11 June 2015: The host nation of the Parties to Nauru Agreement (PNA) Ministerial Meeting has called on Ministers to be strong when making decisions given the circumstances in which... more

Pohnpei, 11 June 2015: The outgoing Chairman of the Parties to Nauru Agreement (PNA) Ministerial meeting and Tuvalu's Fisheries Minister Pita Elisala said his nation has refused... more

Pohnpei, 10 June 2015: Officials of the Parties to Nauru Agreement (PNA) have made a number of recommendations for their Ministers deliberation and action tomorrow (June 10) when the Ministers... more

Tuna Market Intelligence

Issue 19, July 18, 2015

Your fortnightly report on trends and influencers on the global tuna market from the Pacific Islands.

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