Implementing Arrangements

2nd PNA Implementing Arrangement

The 2nd PNA Implementing Arrangement established Minimum Terms and Conditions for fishing in PNA waters which is now the applicable across the Pacific Islands.

1st PNA Implementing Arrangement

The PNA 1st Implementing Arrangement began a regional fishing vessel register. This was later followed by development of a Vessel Monitoring System (VMS). Under the VMS, all licensed fishing vessels are required to fit an Automatic Location Communicator which monitors the vessel's position, speed, and course. In this way, fishing vessels are electronically monitored 24/7.

3rd PNA Implementing Arrangement

The 3rd PNA Implementing Arrangement, signed in May 2008: * decreed fishing vessels will no longer be allowed to fish in high seas pockets as a condition of their licenses * banned Fishing Aggregating Devices (FADs, a device used to attract tuna which often results in the capture of juvenile fish) by purse seine fishing vessels for set time periods * introduced catch retention (to stop dumping of lower value tuna overboard purse seine fishing vessels).

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