Vessel Day Scheme - Current limits

The PNA's Vessel Day Scheme sets overall limits on the number of days purse seine fishing vessels can be licenced to fish in PNA waters. Days are allocated to each country and traded between countries, such as when a country uses up all its days while another has days spare. In the below meeting notice and attachments, is current information about the Total Allowable Effort (total allowable days) in the PNA Purse Seine Vessel Day Scheme.

Total Allowable Effort (TAE) for 2015-2017 for Purse Seine Vessel Day Scheme

At their 20th Annual Meeting in Yap, Federated States of Micronesia, on 6-7 March 2015, the Parties to the Palau Arrangement agreed to:

  1. Confirm the provisional 2015 TAE of 44,625 days set last year as the PNA TAE for 2015; and
  2. Adopt the TAE of 44,890 days as the PNA TAE for 2016 and the provisional PNA TAE for 2017.

With the addition of the Tokelau TAE of 985 days for 2015, and 991 days for 2016, the total VDS TAE is:

  1. 45,610 days for 2015; and
  2. 45,881 days for 2016 and provisionally for 2017. 

See the latest Meeting Record for more details. 

Total Allowable Effort (TAE) for 2015 for Purse Seine Vessel Day Scheme

1. At their 18th Annual Meeting in Majuro, Republic of the Marshall Islands, 8-9 June, the Parties to the Palau Arrangement agreed to:-
a) adopt a revised (from 45,284) purse seine PNA TAE of 44,623 days for 2014, based on the latest updated figure from WCPFC10;
b) adopt the same TAE as a provisional PNA TAE for 2015 and 2016, subject to further revisions in the estimated level of effort in PNA EEZs for 2010;
c) endorse the recommendations of the 3rd Meeting of the VDS Technical & Scientific Committee meeting including the following: • for the VDS T&SC3 Working Paper 1(a) “Revised Purse Seine VDS TAE for 2014-2016” and the relevant section of the PA19 record to be posted on the PNA website;
• to note the importance of addressing effort creep with respect to the TAE, taking into consideration the entrance of new, larger and more efficient vessels in the coming years and task the PNAO to develop a paper for consideration of the Parties at the next annual meeting

2. At their 9th Annual Meeting in Majuro, Republic of the Marshall Islands, 12-13 June 2014, PNA Ministers endorsed the recommendation from Officials to set the Total Allowable Effort for 2015 at 44,623 days per year.

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